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I once dreamed of a city so beautiful that I woke up almost crying for it not being real. Its streets were made of transparent ocean, and the surrounding sunlit villas sprung up from white stone pavements which crumbled at their edges … Continue reading

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Beyonce destroys feminist movement again

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I don’t care for Beyonce at all, yet for some reason that doesn’t stop me from clicking on articles about her when they trend on my facebook feed. Before reading these articles, I had only known Beyonce as just another hot … Continue reading

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How this recent obsession with youth destroys us all

I think the Black Eyed Peas started this all when they made that song which goes ‘I got a feeling, that tonight is gonna be a good night, tonight (etc)’. I think that was the first song that addressed the … Continue reading

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Is Travelling and Doing New Shit That Great?

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For all y’all who think this is about to be some despairing post questioning the validity of the travelling lifestyle versus the comforts of a life at home with all those you love, you’re off point I’m afraid. Kind of. … Continue reading

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1 Reason Why The Internet Sucks

Most people in the world are idiots. Though this is nothing new. Fortunately our socially evolved brains have been wisened to this notion since the very first moment they began to socially evolve, and the resultant moment where the first … Continue reading

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