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I once dreamed of a city so beautiful that I woke up almost crying for it not being real. ItsĀ streets were made of transparent ocean, and the surroundingĀ sunlit villas sprung up from white stone pavements which crumbled at their edges … Continue reading

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Old Lady

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In Milan it’s pretty commonplace to have someone standing by the ticket machine in a metro station. From the machine’s side they can easily pester you for whatever change it spits out, and I imagine there’s probably even quite a … Continue reading

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The Sri Lankan/Indian Hand Designation Connundrum

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In Sri Lanka and India the rule is eat with your right hand, and wipe your ass with your left. This is a widely spread system and one that on the surface seems to make some sense: leave one hand … Continue reading

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I’ve been gone baby, but y’all already know that. Where’s all the posts? Where’s that little bit of Samuel text to brighten up my dreary day? Well the words have been on holiday my friend, along with their author, we’re … Continue reading

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How this recent obsession with youth destroys us all

I think the Black Eyed Peas started this all when they made that song which goes ‘I got a feeling, that tonight is gonna be a good night, tonight (etc)’. I think that was the first song that addressed the … Continue reading

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