Sam’s Japan Part 2: Cultural Lessons with Yoshi

With the tester video done, my new friend Yoshi and I explored many facets of Japanese culture together. This video is a real improvement on the first, and has achieved a 12 minute average view time on youtube; 4 times higher than average for a 20 minute video on youtube… This has finally given me statistical proof that I am four times better than average and I can now die a happy man.

Sam’s Japan Part 1: Arrival

A quick tester documentary I did about arriving in Japan. This is not a vlog, this is a serious attempt to make good films, so recognise!

Freestyle Rap in Cafe Milan

Working in the middle of a sex district in Yokohama, listening to some crappy Japanese rappers trying to be hip hop, I fuelled by a little too much vodka grabbed the microphone and let rip. The aftermath is here for everyone to see.

My Level in Italian after 3 months in the country

My attempt to learn Italian was much more strict than my later one to learn Japanese. In both I made a lot of progress quickly, but I’d have to say that my Italian was by far the more impressive after 3 months in the country. Here was a video I made to demonstrate that I wasn’t just chatting shit and could actually speak some Italian. If you want any advice on language learning, check out this page here.

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